About  Matthew Baldaccini

"I take pride and give my all in the freelance work I do for studio’s, clients & companies providing them with the services they need in their time, within my level of expertise and skill set." - Matthew Baldaccini

Growing up, I have always loved series such as Dragon Ball, Pokemon, Star Wars, Jurassic Park & so on. These series have always captured my imagination and inspired me, among others things as an adult, to become a Professional 2D Traditional & Digital Freelance Illustrator & Artist! Specializing in three different fields of both illustration and art being Character Design, Children's Books, & Black & White Traditional Portraits.

On top of freelance and through having these skills, I was able to start an art business named "MattysAnimeSketchs." Where I attend artist alleys and events, selling my art to my loving customers around the world.

If you're interested in my services as a Freelance Illustrator & Artist, you can Contact me via the Contact Page on my Website, or through my Email which is listed down below.

I look forward to hearing from you in how I can bring your ideas to life.
I always respond within 24 hours and I am easy to talk to.

I Thank You So Much and I can not wait to work with you!

- Cheers

Matthew Baldaccini (MattysAnimeSketchs) 

Follow Emma & Kitty (dog and cat siblings) as each have their own funny and outrageous shenanigans living in a cartoon world. Find out what they get up to in their day to day lives of playing ball, sleeping, eating food and getting into national government embezzlements! Read along in rhyming text; for children ages five & up through adults that enjoy animal satire and fantastical humorous illustrations.

My Children's Books Series; "Emma, the little Jack Shih" & "Atrocious, Who Me?"

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