Pricing & Rates

Basic info on my rates for your commissions and rates on potential hire of my services. 

Prices Can Be Negotiated.


If your wants are not listed, please inquire through email.

Hourly Rate & Pricing. Starting At $30 +

When it comes to an hourly rate for freelance work. It starts at $30 + an hour. 

Sketches.  Starting At $20 +

For a basic traditional or digital sketch like the one represented here of 1-2 characters. 

Mew Sketch.

Chibi Rem Outline.

Digital Basic Outline. Starting At $30 +

For a basic digital outline of 1-3 characters such as the one represented here.

Multiple Detailed Outlines.  Starting At $80 +

For multiple detailed outline work in either traditional or digital art forms such as the one represented here. 

Main six Jojo's Outlines Portrait.

Dragon Ball Custom Manga Cover Spread.

Traditional Ink Drawings.  Starting At $80 +

Traditional ink drawings of either characters or full page spreads on either 5.5 in x 8.5 in, 9 in x 12 in, or custom sized paper. Such as the one represented here.

Traditional Colored Drawings.  Starting At $120 +

For traditional colored drawings on any paper size such as one example represented here. depending on time, work load, & supplies needed. 

Sailor Moon.

Goku & Vegeta Portrait.

Digital Colored Drawings.  Starting At $80 +

For digital colored drawings such as the one example represented here. Depending on the time & work load needed to finish. 

Logos.  Starting At $100 +

Can do logos for your small business or for your website. 

My own logo.

Super Saiyan 3 Goku.

Detailed Pencil Sketches.  Startimng At $80 +

For a detailed lead pencil sketch such as this. Depending on the time & work load needed to finish. 

Manga Panels.  Starting At $80 +

I charge by the page with manga panels. 

One B&W Page - $80

One Colored Page - $120

What If Dragon Ball Manga Panel.

Commissioned Tattoo Design

Tattoo Designs.  Starting At $80 +

For tattoo designs depending on the time & work load needed to finish. 

Black Paper & White Ink Illustrations.  Starting At $250 +

These Illustrations are done on black paper with only using a three tools to draw them. The cost may vary depending on the time, size of the paper, and how you would like the art to be presented. 

T-Rex Portrait

Trainer Portrait

Trainer Commissions.  Starting At $80 +

You drawn with your favorite Mons! Price Starts at $80.

additional Mon & Trainers are: 

Additional Mon = $10 

Additional Trainer = $20

Children's Books.

Prices for Children's Books varies based on the project. 

Children's Books