Pricing & Rates

Basic info on my rates for your commissions and rates on potential hire of my services. 


If your wants are not listed, please inquire through email.

Hourly Rate & Pricing. Starting At $30 +

When it comes to an hourly rate for freelance work. It starts at $30 + an hour. 

Children's Books.

Prices for Children's Books varies based on the project. 

Children's Books

Goku & Vegeta Portrait.

Digital Colored Drawings.  Starting At $80 +

For digital colored drawings such as the one example represented here. Depending on the time & work load needed to finish. 

Black Paper & White Ink Illustrations.  Starting At $250 +

These Illustrations are done on black paper with only using a three tools to draw them. The cost may vary depending on the time, size of the paper, and how you would like the art to be presented. 

T-Rex Portrait

Dragon Ball Custom Manga Cover Spread.

Traditional Ink Drawings.  Starting At $80 +

Traditional ink drawings of either characters or full page spreads on either 5.5 in x 8.5 in, 9 in x 12 in, or custom sized paper. Such as the one represented here.

Logos.  Starting At $100 +

Can do logos for your small business or for your website. 

My own logo.

Trainer Portrait

Trainer Commissions.  Starting At $80 +

You drawn with your favorite Mons! Price Starts at $80.

additional Mon & Trainers are: 

Additional Mon = $10 

Additional Trainer = $20

Chibi Rem Outline.

Digital Basic Outline. Starting At $30 +

For a basic digital outline of 1-3 characters such as the one represented here.

Multiple Detailed Outlines.  Starting At $80 +

For multiple detailed outline work in either traditional or digital art forms such as the one represented here. 

Main six Jojo's Outlines Portrait.